Monday, 12 January 2015

Turl Street Kitchen

Oxford City Centre

Reviewed by Hannah Holt

In the heart of Oxford’s centre is a little blue restaurant on a corner, the Turl Street Kitchen, located underneath the home of the Oxford Hub. The Hub is a student-run organisation centred around volunteering and campaigning, and the eatery below it is a magnet for students.

The rustic styled establishment doubles as a simple café during the few hours it isn’t serving glorious comfort food, meaning you can always grab a strong coffee to power through those never ending essays.

Like other restaurants in Oxford, it takes advantage of local suppliers, meaning that the menu changes daily so you get the chance to taste all that Oxford has to offer. One of my personal favourites is their vegetable and blue cheese bake, and if you get a chance the sticky toffee pudding too - perfection in a bowl.

With meals to make you feel like you’re right back at home for barely more than £10, their cheap treats are more than worth indulging in when you’re at your most homesick.

Food Type - Seasonal British favourites
Food/Drink quality - 4/5
Dietary requirements - 4/5
Service - 3.5/5
Value - 4.5/5

Décor - 5/5 (The long sharing tables make it that much more homely)

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