Tuesday, 14 April 2015



Reviewed by Hannah Holt

For lots of students the Cowley area is a hub of restaurants and bars, busy every night of the week thanks to it's thriving community. This makes finding a decent and yet cheap place that isn't a pub or a fast food chain a little hard.

But if tapas is your thing then look no further! I adore being surrounded by little dishes of the most exciting variety of foods, mixing flavours and tastes and trying new foods. Kazbar makes this experience simply wonderful.

Greeted by a gloriously Moroccan themed bar as you enter, with the restaurant space tucked round the corner, it's already beautiful. The Moroccan twist seeps into the menu, creating a complete mix of dishes you can pair up, with equal emphasis on meat and veg. Their home made Sangria is something I've yet to find a rival for, adding a fresh and fruity touch to any meal.

At surprisingly low prices for the wondrous quality of the food, it seems a shame not to grab a few friends and chow down on a table-full of flavour. With colourful glass lamps and plush velvet cushions filling every corner it really is a hidden gem.

Food type – Moroccan style tapas
Food / drink quality – 5/5
Dietary requirements – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Value – 4/5

Decor – 5/5

Find out more www.kazbar.co.uk

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