Friday, 10 July 2015

The Big Society

Cowley Road

Reviewed by Hannah Holt

I’m sure as students you’ll all come to have your favourite pub - the local that manages to churn out hearty grub when you need it most. For me it’s always been ‘Bic Soc.’.

Not only is the building itself lovely, and situated outside the town centre which gives you a reason to explore a little more of Oxford, but the garden area is adorably decorated. And with free table football, if you can manage to bag a slot, as well as the scrumptious food.

Burgers and ‘dogs a plenty, the mere smell of the food will make your stomach growl, though admittedly it’s the bacon man ‘n’ cheese that is my guilty pleasure.

Add all this to the fact that they serve up stacks of pancakes and waffles until the late hours, there isn’t much room for them to go wrong!!!

Food type - Burgers
Food/Drink quality -3/5
Dietary requirements - 2.5/5
Service - 4/5
Value - 4/5

Décor - 3.5/5

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